9 Evenings + 50
A concert series celebrating the 50th anniversary of 9 Evenings + 50: Theater & Engineering

Fridman Gallery
New York, 2016

Catalog published on the occasion of the 9 Evenings + 50, a performance series presented at Fridman Gallery on 2016.

Co Produced by Julie Martin and Fridman Gallery. 
Curators: Julie Martin, Regine Basha and Daniel Neumann.

Performers include John Driscoll, Phill Edelstein, Yasunao Tone, Steven Vitiello, David Behrman, Zeena Parkins, Christian Wolff, Gordon Mumma, Roberto Carlos Lange, Jacob Kirkegaard, Pauline Oliveros, Maria Chavez and many more.

8 x 8 inch
42 pages
1000 copies
printed in the U.S.
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